Thursday, 28 June 2012

Size Matters... But...

Everyone of you out there is surely thinking about the beautiful sizes girls have....
"Oh gosh ! No get down !!!"
It's way too much more fascinating, interesting and discovering...

While its always fun about the sizes. Even then guys keep worrying about them. Trust me when a girl calls you by a nick name or cares for you by taking you out on soothing massages. she is adoring you more than the size you possess!!!

Still you guys are worried for your sizes. Don't worry we know you keep thinking about it as you'll have a dickhead.

Guys you got to know that We "THE" women do believe in everything including what kind of a lover are you(obviously even in bed) being a generous lover makes us happy wid a 5.5 !!!

Still worried about the size. 5.5 doesn't make us only happy(its not always always about satisfaction) but proves your worth good. 

Loving the length of a girls beauty(hair). Yes... It does help satisfying us unless and until your enjoying it as well !!!

No matter what you'll are still worried "God!" verbally assuring us is gonna work it out too !!!

Still panicking about your sizes !?! Gosh live with it and let yourself be fine (:

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Love quote of the day

A woman does not want  a man who promises to reach for the stars and
bring her the moon.
She just want a man who has the depth, to stand by her,
no matter her mood and shortcomings
and cares for her likes and dislikes.she needs a man who is strong enough to be faithful to her
who can  promise her a lifetime
 of love 

Love tip of the day

Forget ALL the reasons why it won't work 
and believe that ONE reason why it will.

Love image of the day

When you know why you like someone,
its a Crush
but when you have NO REASON 

Video of the day

Beauty and Brainz are here to give you men out there the REAL DEAL... does it matter that your penis is only 3 inches long? Hmmm... Find out...!!!